about In 2013, Jennifer and Andrew Scace founded Canopy Strategic Advisory, a boutique insurance and estate planning firm focused on providing clients with tailored solutions. In a crowded field of established competitors, Canopy is distinguished by its personal, supportive approach; the accessibility of its partners; and its commitment to transparency in all communications.
By communicating with our clients in a straightforward and transparent manner, Canopy Strategic Advisory offers intelligent, personalized insurance and estate planning solutions.
approach In a world characterized by increasing complexity and a rapid pace of change, even the most basic staple products of the insurance and financial industries are transforming radically. At the same time, Canada’s major brokerages and advisory services are stagnant. Canopy Strategic Advisory combines decades of experience at Canada’s preeminent financial institutions with the adaptability and accessibility of a boutique firm, offering clients a clear understanding of complicated products and strategies. We proceed from the assumption that each client is unique, and that generic solutions are inevitably inadequate. As such, whether clients are aiming at portfolio diversification, wealth preservation or simply peace of mind, Canopy Strategic Advisory can propose a strategic approach tailored to suit their needs.